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from our amazing clients

Over 950,000 successful treatments performed and here is what a couple happy customers have to say.

I absolutely LOVED my experience here. Very professional and it works SO well. I wish I would have known about this clinic before I bought all of the lice treatments from the store because they did not work. I recommend this to anyone who gets lice. I can not thank Shanna enough!*

Alaina S.

This was amazing!! I have never seen a faster response and service. The machine is a genius idea and I am so happy to have a clinic near me when i need. I have school age children and the reality is my kids could get lice at any time. I saw recently how the process works and the results. It is worth the money! It is effective and quick. She offers good advice and education. The preventative products are a must!*

Tiffany T.

This Clinic was a life savor! I highly recommend going to them to help with dealing with head lice! Save your money and not buy over the counter stuff! This clinic is very worth everything!!! Shanna was awesome! Very friendly!!!*

Anjila G.
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